Pink, Candy, & a 3 Year Old (part 2)

The birthday girl posed in her new pretty pink dress Gaga bought her while we were on our "Gaga's Great Adventure" earlier that week.  (That's a whole other post waiting to happen!)  I love that 3 year old!!

Little Man was the greeter.  He loved standing at the door watching people come in!
Then he decided he needed to be in a few more pictures. :)
Madeline and her one of her great-grandma's Nana
After her friends arrived, we had two craft tables going - one was decorating "lollipops'.  I cut out pink circles and glued them to lollipop sticks.  Then there was all kinds of markers, glitter, stickers, etc. for the kids to decorate their lollipops with.  They loved it!

The next craft table was making "candy necklaces."  I had fruit loops, chocolate Cheerios, and strawberry yogurt Cheerios for them to string on elastic.  

After they finished their crafts, we attempted to play musical chairs.  It ended up being quite comical when we started though because most of them had never played before.  A couple got upset when someone took their chair!!  Plus, the song ("I want candy") was almost impossible to hear.  We got a good laugh if nothing else!  The winner took home the game Candyland!

After the game, we went back into the front room, sang Happy Birthday, and filled our plates with PINK CANDY!! Madeline opened all her gifts while everyone enjoyed the sugar.

One of her gifts was a gift card to Peach Wave Frozen Yogurt.  She LOVES going there so Uncle Jason and Aunt Heather hooked her up!!

The sweet Gassid boys gave her her first Webkin!  Jantzen was so cute while he explained it all to us!  They are such a sweet family!  (Jett is the other cutie in the family...how adorable are they!?!  Totally makes me want a baby.)

Madeline and her other great-grandma Nanny

Mimi & Madeline

Pretty Princesses in Pink! 

Inside each favor bag was a singing Veggie Tales toothbrush.  I figured it was the least I could do since I was sending them all home with a bag full of candy. :)

We had a great time!  Thank you everyone who came and made my baby girl's day so sweet!! 


  1. So sweet. I can tell the Pink Birthday Party turned out "Perfect". Wish we could have been there, but at least could join you through these pictures. Happy Birthday, Madeline!

    Jennie, Jack, Lauren, and Stephanie

  2. So PRECIOUS!! Thanks for letting our boys be a part of your sweet little Princess' birthday! They LOVED it!!!!! You really need to start a party planning company!!!!!