Pink, Candy, & A 3 Year Old.

I love a party.  More than the party itself though, I love planning it.  Call me crazy.  So a few months ago I asked Madeline what kind of party she wanted for her 3rd birthday.  "Mommy, I want a pink candy party."  Granted I know my girl loves candy and the color pink is a sure-fire favorite, I wasn't expecting it to be the theme.  But, the girl knows what she wants and I was up for the challenge.

I started out researching pink candy and found www.candywarehouse.com and www.ohnuts.com to be the best.  I also did tons of "research" (reading loads of blogs and surfing the web) and before long, the ideas started to flow.  I asked an old friend from high school to do the invitations and labels.  (check her out here rachel's blog).  Finally, my soon-to-be sister-in-law Aunt Heather took the pictures for me.  She's awesome. :) There are a million pics to go through still, but I wanted to share a glimpse of the sugary sweet time we had!

The front of the invitation - under her name it says "Pure Sweetness since 2007"

The back of the invitations was a pink polka dot with all the info.  I loved how perfect they turned out!  Totally set the tone for the party!!

This was on our porch along with some pink polka dot balloons and a gorgeous arrangment of flowers on the door.  (I have to find a picture with the whole set up!)

On our entry table, I had the favor bags (white bags with labels that said "Pure Sweetness" on pink polka dot paper tied w/pink ribbon) The bags all had singing Veggie Tale toothbrushes inside then the kiddos loaded them up with candy to take home.  The topiary is made from mini cupcakes.  Brodie made it for the party the night before.  What a great daddy!!  The frame beside it had 3 pictures of Madeline - one from each of her birthdays!!  She's growing up way too fast!!

I used the tutorial from Martha Stewart to make these paper flowers...so easy!!  I hung them above the candy table and above the beverage bar.  Love them.  Speaking of the candy table, check it out!

My sweet neighbor, Aislinn, helped me make the banner with her Cricket machine.  Pretty sure I need one now. :)  Madeline's eyes lit up when she woke up and saw the table that morning.  Totally worth it all!  Speaking of the candy table, we had...

Pink swirled salt water taffy

Strawberry cupcakes from Sweet Memories

"Pink Princess" cupcakes from Ruth's Sweet Justice

Homemade Merigune Cookies
They were super easy and they tasted just like cotton candy.  However, they do not like humidity.  But, it all worked out and they were a hit.  I'll have to post the recipe soon.

Bubblegum Jelly Beans

Strawberry Cheesecake Jelly Beans

 Pink M&M's 

 Cherry Rock Candy
(There was Bubblegum Rock Candy too, but we didn't get a close up)

Giant Marshmallows
(Which, by the way, make killer rice crispy treats the next day.)
Pink Gumballs
Strawberry & Creme Malted Milk Balls

and finally, Strawberry Gummy Bears!!
For drinks, we had Strawberry Milk, Chocolate Milk, Plain Milk, & Pink Lemonade.  I wanted to use old milk jugs for their drinks, but couldn't find them in my price range.  When at the grocery store one day, I noticed the Frappachino bottles were similar in size and shape so I stocked up and voila!  Milk bottles!! Pink straws and polka dot name tags attached and they were complete!
All in all the party was a hit!  I'll do another post tomorrow with pictures of the activites, the guests, and of course, the birthday girl!!


  1. Very impressed... cutest party EVER! How fun!! :)

  2. Rachelle, you are too cute! I'm going to be calling you for tips when I have kids!

  3. I just did a candy themed party for my little girl this spring too! You did a fabulous job, so super cute!!